They R Make Fun Of Me

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A couple of weeks ago WordPress temporarily deactivated this blog due to a complaint about copyright infringement. Obviously, I can’t show you the guilty macro, but here’s a reconstruction which I put together (badly) in Photoshop. The Persian cat in the original photo was smokey grey and had a much better gloomy, fucked off expression.

they r make fun of me funny lol cat macro

Google searches reveal that the author of the photo posted it on Flickr back in January 2007 under the username *ShelbieMyLove*. The image was entitled “Shelbie Flickrs While Mom’s Away”. It seems to have been quickly appropriated by the unknown macroista to create their masterpiece, and the macro made its debut on icanhascheezburger. Upon discovery of the macro, *ShelbieMyLove* apparently “FREAKED OUT” and flounced from Flickr in May 2007 amidst dire warnings to anyone who dared to steal her amateur cat photo, which she had posted for all to gank on a public website.

whining about copyright lol cat macro

*ShelbieMyLove* then embarked on an obsessive campaign to purge the macro from the internets; a campaign which I believe is unprecedented in the entire history of cat macro copyright whining and serious fucking business. Here are a few more examples of crazy cat lady’s doomed-to-failure DMCA-ing.

September 21st 2007
November 1st 2007
March 20th 2008
April 17th 2008
December 19th 2008
November 21st 2009

I also found an interesting thread on Flickr, which provides a small insight into the world of *ShelbieMyLove* and reveals a love of the exclamation mark so indicative of the very special, passive aggressive, snowflake. Shelbie the cat is apparently a peke-faced Persian with a misaligned jaw, meaning it can’t eat unassisted; Shelbie’s ‘Mom’ has to “finger feed” the wretched creature. But, hey, never mind, because its diet is 100% “organic/natural!“, “absolutely NO animal bi [sic] products!” Ironically, *ShelbieMyLove* is untroubled by the inherent cruelty of breeding highly unnatural ultra-type Persians, which suffer from a wide variety of unpleasant congenital health issues, including jaw deformities.

buying paraplegic cat leash lol cat macro

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